Bakhti Baymukhamedov_Network engineer

Bakhti Baymukhamedov

Astana, Kazakhstan
+7 705 568 50 30
Ready to relocate: Desirable
Age: 29
skills: python,django,bootstrap,photoshop, networking, ccna, cisco, mikrotik, juniper, ospf, bgp, ue4
Languages: English - Upper Intermediate, Russian - Mother Tongue/Fluent
Bakhti Baymukhamedov is middle network engineer with stack of Cisco routers and switches, Mikrotik and Juniper certification. He understands OSPF, BGP, TCP/IP, routing & switching. He has additional skills such as Docker, Kubernetes, Python, SQL, Flask, Django, HTML, CSS, NGINX. He has his own startup web service - and some articles on .

Position name:
Network engineer, System administrator, Software engineer
Work Experience

Network Engineer
Inline Telecom Solutions - Moscow/Remote from Kazakhstan
Mar 2020 to Present

Serving client networks based on Mikrotik and network equipment of an own production, network
maintenance on the core level.
1000+ client endpoints on support.
Cisco routing & switching. Mikrotik and Juniper certificates.
OSPF, TCP/IP, VPN, Ubiquiti, Infinet, Cambium, Linux.
BGP Diagnostics using tcpdump
3G/LTE channels diagnostics

Study and practise at spare time:
Making web services using django, flask, docker, Kubernetes, HTML, CSS, bootstrap, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Python, NGINX, DNS, GIT.
Some skills working with AWS S3 buckets as web storages

Network Engineer
CJSC ER-Telecom Holding - Moscow
Dec 2017 to Mar 2020

Working in the Telecommunications company / ISP.
· Remote configuration of infrastructure and client equipment, such as Cisco, Mikrotik, EdgeCore,
SNR, Ubiquiti, Cambium, Infinet, UltraLink, VectaStar, including routers, L2/L3 switches, SIP-phones
and Wi-Fi (radio) links, RRLs.
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· Setting up and connecting clients to services such as VOIP and analog telephony: AudioCodes,
Yealink, Gigaset, Cisco, VPN, Video Surveillance (Ivideon, Trassir, RTSP), provision of L2 channels
and services for clients and ISPs, Internet services.
· Setting up Internet services for end-users: allocation of a public address / subnet, static / dynamic
routing, setting up DHCP, NAT, Wi-Fi in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, connecting clients at speeds up to
1 Gbps.
· Configuring BGP, OSPF, VPN services L2/L3, VRF, EOIP, IPIP, L2TP, VLANs, QinQ, on Mikrotik, Cisco,
· Video surveillance setup on Hikvision equipment (including PTZ domes), HiWatch, Beward, RVI,
Keno, as well as integration with Trassir, Ivideon RTSP, connection of a local video archive or video
recorder and their configuration.
· Configure Hot Spot (Access Points with Authorization) on Mikrotik equipment.
· Setting up Linux, port forwarding, re-/install software, setting file permissions, setting up PHP,
MySQL, Apache.
· Writing technical documentation and instructions.

System Administrator
Metadesk - Moscow
Mar 2016 to Dec 2017

System AdministratorSystem Administrator
Metadesk · Full-timeMetadesk · Full-time
Mar 2015 - Dec 2017 · 2 yrs 10 mosMar 2015 - Dec 2017 · 2 yrs 10 mos
Moscow, Russian FederationMoscow, Russian Federation
System Integration, Technological and Business Processes Automation, IT Consulting. Outsource
technical L2>L3 support.
· Full configuration from scratch to ensure the operability of the network and all nodes, including
routers, L2/L3 switches, PCs, SIP-phones and Servers.
· Setting up Mikrotik routers/switches: channel redundancy/ balancing, port forwarding, NAT, LTE,
DHCP, Wi-Fi access points, CAPsMAN (Wi-Fi Roaming).
· Selection of network equipment, as well as server and desktop components and peripherals.
Assembling PCs and servers from selected components for subsequent implementation in the
company's infrastructure, ability to work with server manufacturers: Dell, HP, LENOVO, ASUS.
· Creating and configuring of RAID-arrays
· Deploying of external network storages, such as QNAP and Synology.
· Experience of installation, configuration and maintenance of VMWARE ESXI 5.1, 5.5, 6.0
· Installation of server OSs: Windows Server 2008, R2, 2012, 2016. Installation and configuration of
roles and capabilities, including the creation of File servers, Terminal servers, 1C DB servers.
Deployment Domain Controller, Exchange 2010, configure and maintain a domain with 100+ PCs.
· Deployment of virtual PBXs: Elastix, Asterisk, full configuration of all Extensions, call transfers,
creating extensions, voice menu and recording conversations.
· Selection, installation and configuration of IP video surveillance systems, maintenance and
configuration of cameras and DVRs.
· Selection of Internet providers, support and implementation of the connection to new branches and
· Maintenance and configuration of the Office 365, Exchange Online components with 100+
· Maintenance of the websites of the serviced companies, hosting management, VPS, domain name
maintenance: domain creation, delegation, deployment on hosting, support for websites on CMS:
Bitrix, Bitrix24, WordPress, Joomla.


Bachelor's Degree in Networking and Software Development
Moscow Technological University (MIREA) - Moscow, Russia
Sep 2016 to May 2020
Associate Degree in Network and System Administration / Administrator
Moscow College of Polytechnics N50 - Zelenograd, Russia
Sep 2010 to May 2014
Certifications and Licenses

Juniper Networks Certified Associate, Junos (JNCIA-Junos)
Juniper, Jul 2020 to Jul 2023

The JNCIA-Junos credential validates an understanding of networking fundamentals and core functionality of the Junos OS. A certification holder at this level has demonstrated entry-level to intermediate knowledge of networking.

Cisco CCNA courses (3/4)
Cisco, May 2014 to May 2016

I'm preparing to pass CCNA exam in the near future (2021/02)

MikroTik Certified Network Associate, MTCNA
Mikrotik, Feb 2022 to Feb 2025

Certificate number: 2202NA4429


Cisco Business Application Engineer Specialist
Cisco, Mar 2020


Website - create unlimited resumes
Apr 2021
Create your professional bio using this service. You can create endless resumes for your family and you, upload photos, show your Github repositories and Stackoverflow stats. Made using Django, python.
GeekHero - My IT blog wesbite
Mar 2021
My blog website written using Python Web Framework - Django, installed gunicorn and nginx on my VPS with Linux.
My Photo portfolio Website
Sep 2020
Written using UIKit
Checky - Java android application
May 2020
This app was written using Java and Android Studio. There were several updates and bug fixes. Also it has public repository on Github, so everybody can use my project to create their own application for Android OS using Java and Android Studio.
Callisto - Steam game
Apr 2019
A small adventure game created with Unreal Engine 4 and published on the Steam marketplace.
Exchange rate parser
Jul 2022
Parses and getting Kazakhstan's exchange rate from Russian Ruble to KZT (Tenge), writes to DB and draws chart. Written using Flask, Python, chart.js

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